Joaquin Phoenix is Still in the Mix for ‘Doctor Strange’

imageNew reports suggest the three-time Academy Award nominated actor is still up for the role of Doctor Strange.

Collider is reporting that Joaquin Phoenix is in final talks to play Doctor Strange for Marvel in the upcoming film Doctor Strange. They claim the actor is at “the one yard line” and that we will hear official news very soon. But after Collider put that out, Devin Faraci and El Mayimbe of Bad Ass Digest and Latino-Review both said that Phoenix is not in final talks but he has been talking with Marvel. They said that he just met with Marvel this week.

So is he going to be Doctor Strange or not? That is the question. According to Devin and El Mayimbe, Phoenix doesn’t know if he can commit to this. When you sign with Marvel, you sign onto a multi-picture deal and for an actor like Phoenix this could stop him from doing smaller films (Not of Marvel’s scale) that he likes to do.

Steve Weintraub of Collider insists that this is true and we will hear official news soon but I do think Devin and El Mayimbe are speaking the truth. It would make a lot of sense that Joaquin Phoenix is afraid to commit to a big blockbuster franchise.

A really cool tidbit that Devin shared in his post about the matter was that Marvel was trying there absolute hardest to close the Phoenix deal before San Diego Comic Con this year. They were planning to do what they did with Mark Ruffalo when he signed onto play the Hulk. He signed the contract, was driven to Hall H and walked out on stage at the Marvel panel.

Do I think Joaquin Phoenix is going to play Doctor Strange? I think if Marvel figures out the right deal and really tends to Phoenix’s wishes, I think it’ll happen. I really hope it does, adding Joaquin Phoenix to the list of actors in Marvel movies is just incredible.

Doctor Strange has no release date, but speculation points it out to release on July 8, 2016.

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